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Planning for success amidst the craziness

Taking action feels really hard when things are uncertain - but if you wait to take action until you have all the answers, you’re going to find yourself pretty far behind, and unable to serve the people who could really benefit from what you have to offer.

Given our new reality, what are the things you can be doing today so that three weeks from now, and three months from now, you are positioned to serve and succeed?

Tune into today's video where I'm sharing how to be proactive about creating a future for your business in the midst of the craziness.


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How to keep showing up for your business when times are crazy

In the past few days, we've discussed how to be intentional about showing up:

So how can you use this time to also show up for your business?

Every business that thrives during these uncertain times means more jobs and revenue to help build strength back into the economy - so what can you do now to position yourself for success in the long term? 

With social distancing and self-isolation practices in place, you may find yourself with more time than ever to be working on things you might not have otherwise had time for.

Tune into this week's video to learn how you can be proactive and not reactive in your business so that when we return to normal (or at least our new normal) you are ready to...

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How to keep showing up for your clients in crazy times

In yesterday’s video, we talked about how to show up for yourself when times are crazy.

But how do you continue to show up for your clients?

Your customers and prospects are feeling just as uncertain as you are in these unprecedented times, and when you stop showing up, it’s more than just you that is affected.

Now is the time to ask yourself:

  • What are your customers facing right now?
  • How do their lives look different today than they did yesterday?
  • How are you uniquely positioned to help them with their new normal?

Tune into today's video to learn how you can show up bigger and better for your clients and prospects, and to continue to impact and serve them (and help carry your community through these crazy times).


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How to keep showing up when things are crazy

motivation sales success Mar 21, 2020

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart, and thanks to the current global pandemic situation, things just got a whole lot messier. 

You may be tempted to retreat - taking time to rest and process is important after all, and certainly a priority when dealing with the heaviness of today.

But disappearing into hiding only adds to the how can you keep showing up in scary times?

Tune into this week's video to find out!

Resources mentioned in the video:

Additional free resources:

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4 tech tools to engage with clients remotely

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has us living in truly unprecedented times, causing many business owners to fear for their livelihoods.

With the call to practice social distancing, and the closure of many of physical locations of business, how do you continue to serve and engage with your clients and customers?

When your business is highly dependent on 1:1 in-person sales, how are you now supposed to find new clients, give consultations, and deliver proposals?

You may not feel like the expert on running a business during a global pandemic but it doesn’t mean you can’t be a leader.

Your clients are just as uncertain as you are - and they need you now more than ever. How will you show up for your customers, your community, and...

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How to sell when you're scared

Humans crave certainty, and in this uncertain time, there are a lot of business owners that are rightfully feeling very fearful for their livelihoods. 

If that’s you, I want you to hear this: 

It’s ok to be scared. So go ahead and give yourself a little extra grace and space to process what you are feeling. 

Once you have acknowledged this, it’s important to ask yourself the question, “What am I going to do about it? Am I going to stay in this place of fear? Or am I going to be proactive about how I move forward?”

An emotional response to this situation is both expected and appropriate, and moving forward does not mean we pretend the feelings of fear do not exist - it means empowering...

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The most important skill you need to succeed at sales

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 

Sales is a fundamental part of running a successful business – no matter the business (read: if you are a business owner, you are in sales).  

What makes someone great at sales? 

There’s a common misconception that sales is a talent that you either have or you don’t - but in my experience, being great at sales has little to do with how charismatic you are, or how gifted or comfortable you are at engaging with strangers. 

Being extroverted might mean you are naturally more drawn to sales, but it is not going to be what drives your success. 

Sales is a set of skills and strategies that can be learned and developed over time.

Another misguided...

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How to stop losing your clients on price

“Thanks for your time, but I’ve found someone who can do it for less.” 

Price-shoppers got you down?

There is nothing worse than spending hours and weeks investing in a relationship with your potential client or customer – knowing you have a superior product or service and are uniquely positioned to serve them best – only to have them take their business somewhere else simply because they feel they got a “better deal.”

Talking about money and pricing is already inherently anxiety-inducing – we often have no clue what we should be charging, and along with the topics of religion and politics, society has conditioned us to steer clear of the topic altogether.

Add to that the fear of...

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3 ways to stand out from your competition

No matter how creative, talented and driven you are as a business owner, chances are that someone – somewhere – is already doing what it is you are trying to do. 

More often than not that person has a bigger marketing budget, a bigger network, a larger team for executing their strategies, and at least a few year’s head start on building their business. 

How are you, as a small business or startup, ever supposed to compete?

In a crowded marketplace, it can often feel like your only chance at having the upper hand is to lower your prices. 

Here’s the thing about consumers today – with the click of a button, anyone can quickly research the cheapest option without ever really understanding...

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Why you should stop trying to attract your ideal clients and what to do instead

Do you know what is easier than proactive outbound sales? 

Waiting for your ideal clients to find you!

With more and more of your potential customers turning to the internet to find solutions to their biggest pain points, there’s this idea that if you could only post the right content, with the right messaging – and at just the right time – your business will be swimming in leads. 

All your ideal client needs to do to find you is to do a quick Instagram hashtag, Pinterest, or google search, and your consistent marketing efforts (and ad dollars spent) will have paid off. 

But that’s the thing about building a strategy around trying to attract your ideal client - no matter how on point your content,...

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