Mighty Sales helps you build your sales savvy so you can tap into the power of sales to win more customers, increase profits and continue to grow.
When it comes to gaining new customers, many business owners are more comfortable with marketing than sales.
Sales can seem scary, confusing and downright uncomfortable. Which is why I created a framework to help you multiply your sales in 4 simple steps.

Once you master these 4 steps, sales becomes a powerful way for you to cut through the marketing noise, handpick your customers and make more money so your business can continue to grow.


Not long ago, I had a light-bulb moment that led to the creation of Mighty Sales. I’d spent nearly fifteen years in medical sales and I consistently finished among the top salespeople in the country for performance. I wasn’t the hardest worker (sorry boss), so I was deeply curious about how I was able to create success year after year.
It was a defining question for me. In that moment, I knew my superpower was being able to identify where opportunities were, hyper-focus on those opportunities, and ignore everything else.
Ultimately I realized that success doesn’t have to come on a hamster wheel. And while long-term success does require effort, it can also be accomplished in a way that is sustainable and meaningful.
Around the same time, I was watching a number of my friends start their own businesses—from photography and real estate to yoga studios and wineries. I noticed that regardless of what type of businesses they’d created, almost all of them were struggling with the same set of problems.
  • They were struggling to earn the profit they wanted
  • They wanted to grow but weren’t quite sure what to do or how to fit more into their already busy schedules
  • They were busy— often busier than they’d ever been
  • They were having some success but knew there was more potential in their business.

When I started really looking at the nuts and bolts of these businesses, I began to notice that most of them were relying exclusively on marketing and shying away from the power of sales because and can be intimidating and feel shady. But it doesn’t have to be.

Mighty Sales was created to help small business owners and their teams sell with confidence and integrity.


I'm a Master Certified Small Business and Executive Coach with more than fifteen years of sales and marketing experiences with Fortune 500 companies. I'm the author of the best-selling book Radical Abundance. I regularly speak to groups on the power of Contagious Influence and How to Create Radical Abundance in Your Life & Business. Most recently, I was a featured speaker at the Women in Business Expo and the Washington State Chamber of Commerce Executives. I obtained a BA in Communications from Washington State University.


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