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One small thing that can make a big impact

The goals you set back in January may not be achievable given today's reality.

And while it's ok to feel frustrated, and even to grieve, we don't want to find ourselves without any goals at all. Whether we spend it in quarantine or are once again open for business, the rest of 2020 is still happening - and it will be over before we know it. 

If you're struggling to find the inspiration and motivation in this new version of 2020 you are facing, tune in to today's video to learn the one small thing that will have a major impact!



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The Get New Clients Blueprint

You know it’s possible to grow your business and create consistent cash flow.

But how do you find new clients, get their attention, and get them to pick you - especially in a crowded market?

I'm sharing how in my Get New Clients Blueprint!

So tune in to learn how to stand out from your competition... without selling on price.


Looking for more tips and resources for growing your business by finding and winning more clients? Join us in the Mighty Sales Facebook Community. 

I also invite you to check out the Double Down Club - for business owners who are motivated to create consistent cash flow and double their business revenue in 2020 without having to hire an expensive consultant.

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4 Part Framework to Win More Clients

In today’s video, we are diving into a 4-part framework for generating more clients in a way that is productive for your specific business.
This is the exact same sales plan audit I use when working with clients to discover what's working, what's not working, and what they can do better when it comes to growing their business.
Ready to start winning more clients and building stability in your business? Tune into today’s video to get the free 4-part framework!

Ready to join us in the Double Down Club and double your revenue, even in times of uncertainty? Join the Double Down Club Today!

For more tips and resources for growing your client list and building stability in your business, join us in...

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What do you need to do today?

We tend to make business plans for the year or quarter - but once set, how often do we actually review our goals to make sure we are on track to meet them?

The key to consistently growing your business is taking consistent action - and Fridays are the perfect time to get intentional about setting ourselves up for continued momentum the following week.

What can you do today to make sure you aren’t having to start from scratch on Monday?

Looking for more tips and resources for consistently growing your business?  Join us in the Mighty Sales Facebook Community. 

I also invite you to check out the Double Down Club - for business owners who are motivated to create consistent cash flow and double their...

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3 things that will keep you stuck when following up

The #1 reason businesses fail is that they run out of money. But WHY do they run out of money?

Oftentimes, it’s because they don’t have enough customers or clients - and the biggest struggle most business owners face when it comes to landing clients or customers is in their follow-up.

Tune into today’s video to learn how to get unstuck when it comes to following up, so you can consistently win more of your ideal clients and customers, and create more stability and predictable profitability in your business.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Revenue Multiplier Workshop - A four-part framework for building stability and predictable profitability into your business. Get access for free.  

Looking for more ways to grow your...

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Do your strategies work together?

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to growing a business.

You’ve got your offline strategies - networking, outbound sales, and referrals - each with a separate set of systems and resources.

You likely also have a website - one you either spent a great deal of time creating yourself or that you paid someone precious dollars to build for you. This, along with any social media marketing you do could be considered your online strategies.

So do your strategies work together? Or are you doing extra work for the same result?

Tune into today’s video to learn how can you blend these online and offline strategies together for maximum impact!

Resource mentioned:

  • The Revenue Multiplier: A four-part framework for...
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Are you on the revenue roller coaster?

Is your hard work paying off?

Maybe you’ve spent months marketing your business - going to networking events, starting new sales conversations, and following up on referrals - and finally, you’re seeing results.

There’s just one problem…

Now that you are so busy servicing all your new clients, you don’t have time to do the things you need to do to keep filling the books. So when your current projects end, you’ll find yourself back at square one.

Ready to get off the revenue rollercoaster once and for all?

Tune into today's video to get access to proven systems for building consistency and predictability into your business’s revenue.


Looking for more tips and resources for building...

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Creating win-win scenarios to help your business and your customers

People are seeing the importance of supporting small businesses now more than ever - but hanging out a “help” sign, and asking your customers to keep paying you out of the goodness of their hearts is not a viable business strategy.

So how can you create win-win scenarios that are of true value to both your customers and your business without making promises you can't keep? Tune into today's video to find out!

Looking for more tips and resources for selling during this uncertain time? Join us in the Mighty Sales Facebook Community. 

We also invite you to check out the Double Down Club - for business owners who are motivated to create consistent cash flow and double their business revenue in 2020...

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What decisions do you need to be making about selling?

People have so much on their minds, and it can feel a bit insensitive to be selling when there are “bigger things” going on in the world.

It’s up to you whether or not you decide to proactively engage in sales during this time, but if you’ve chosen not to sell, it may be worth asking yourself why you’ve come to this decision - and who that decision ultimately benefits. You don’t want your assumptions to be the reason you stopped serving.

If you do plan to continue selling, what will that look like? Will your offers and services remain the same? Do you need to revisit your payment structures or the way you follow up on the sales conversations you initiated before all this went down? 

Tune into...

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The most important skill you need to succeed at sales

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 

Sales is a fundamental part of running a successful business – no matter the business (read: if you are a business owner, you are in sales).  

What makes someone great at sales? 

There’s a common misconception that sales is a talent that you either have or you don’t - but in my experience, being great at sales has little to do with how charismatic you are, or how gifted or comfortable you are at engaging with strangers. 

Being extroverted might mean you are naturally more drawn to sales, but it is not going to be what drives your success. 

Sales is a set of skills and strategies that can be learned and developed over time.

Another misguided...

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