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Sales Fiction Podcast Ep 03: Hyperfocus your training for better results

When you have a small team and you need to produce big results, it’s essential that every member of your team is performing at their best.

Training and skill development is one area that can make a dramatic difference in your team’s results – but when you’re small, having the time and the bandwidth to continually train and mentor your team can feel overwhelming.

So, who do you hyper-focus your time and energy in training in a way that will have the biggest impact?

In this episode, we’ll dive into some of the key principles that will help you focus your training efforts for maximum growth. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to develop your sales team over time. The framework I’ve been using...

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Sales Fiction Podcast Ep 02: Keep the best people on your team

When you have a small but mighty team, everyone matters – and when even one person leaves, it can have a huge impact. 

More often than not on a small team, everyone is doing the work of at least three people, so the ripple effect of someone leaving at a small company is much bigger than at a large company. 

So, how do you keep people happy and engaged, and most importantly, on your team?

In today’s episode of the Sales Fiction Podcastwe’re kicking off the first of a 3-part series on developing your team and keeping them happy. 

There’s a common fear when it comes to investing in your team as a small business owner, and that is that if you spend time and energy developing talent,...

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Sales Fiction Podcast Ep 01: What separates star agents from average ones?

business podcast podcast Jul 21, 2020

When trying to grow their business, a lot of agency owners are looking to bring on the best talent. Their teams are often devoting a lot of time to recruiting high-performing agents and brokers within their communities. 

It makes sense – if you have great talent, your agency will be successful.

Or will it?

Is talent really what separates great agents from the average? Or is it something else entirely? 

In this episode of the Sales Fiction Podcast, I break down the three key things that separate star performers from average ones, and what you can look for in the hiring process to set your agency up for success in the long term.

If you've been in sales for any amount of time, you've likely heard this a

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Does your business need a little kindness?

We have all been impacted differently as a result of COVID-19. Some are facing great financial strain, or even the loss of a loved one, while others remain for the most part unaffected.

Our individual experiences are what shape our perceptions, so naturally, we will all react differently to the plans being put in place to begin reopening the economy.

Knowing we may not all see eye to eye, how can you approach the coming weeks and months with kindness – towards yourself, your business, your customers, and your community? Tune into today’s video to find out!



Looking for more tips and resources for growing your business? Join us in the Mighty Sales Facebook Community. 

Additional free resources:

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One small thing that can make a big impact

The goals you set back in January may not be achievable given today's reality.

And while it's ok to feel frustrated, and even to grieve, we don't want to find ourselves without any goals at all. Whether we spend it in quarantine or are once again open for business, the rest of 2020 is still happening - and it will be over before we know it. 

If you're struggling to find the inspiration and motivation in this new version of 2020 you are facing, tune in to today's video to learn the one small thing that will have a major impact!



Additional resources:

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Tips For Staying Productive When Working From Home

The Mighty Sales Facebook community

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The Get New Clients Blueprint

You know it’s possible to grow your business and create consistent cash flow.

But how do you find new clients, get their attention, and get them to pick you - especially in a crowded market?

I'm sharing how in my Get New Clients Blueprint!

So tune in to learn how to stand out from your competition... without selling on price.


Looking for more tips and resources for growing your business by finding and winning more clients? Join us in the Mighty Sales Facebook Community. 

I also invite you to check out the Double Down Club - for business owners who are motivated to create consistent cash flow and double their business revenue in 2020 without having to hire an expensive consultant.

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Yikes - did I say that?

Have you ever picked up the phone to call a potential customer and then been completely tongue-tied and totally random?
When it comes to having sales conversations, it's important to embrace imperfection and not wait until you feel ready to get started.
This is especially true now than ever! Thanks to COVID-19, you are likely having to reach out to potential clients in ways that you never thought you would have to.
You might find yourself making cold calls, or sending cold emails for the first time - and it can be really hard to know what to say.
Tune into today's video to learn why imperfect connections can actually be the most meaningful and successful when it comes to winning clients and making...
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4 Part Framework to Win More Clients

In today’s video, we are diving into a 4-part framework for generating more clients in a way that is productive for your specific business.
This is the exact same sales plan audit I use when working with clients to discover what's working, what's not working, and what they can do better when it comes to growing their business.
Ready to start winning more clients and building stability in your business? Tune into today’s video to get the free 4-part framework!

Ready to join us in the Double Down Club and double your revenue, even in times of uncertainty? Join the Double Down Club Today!

For more tips and resources for growing your client list and building stability in your business, join us in...

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Can you grow your business with sales?

There are a lot of opportunities to market your business online - but when it comes to growing your business, easy doesn’t necessarily mean effective.

Tired of waiting for the phone to ring?

I’m going live EVERY DAY this week to give you the strategies and tools you need to consistently find and win your dream clients, and build a waiting list (so you can stop wondering where your next client will come from once and for all.)

Ready to start hitting those revenue goals quarter in and quarter out? Tune into day 1 of this week’s live trainings to find out if proactive outbound sales is the right fit for your specific business.

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Ps. Don’t forget to tune into tomorrow as I walk you...

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What do you need to do today?

We tend to make business plans for the year or quarter - but once set, how often do we actually review our goals to make sure we are on track to meet them?

The key to consistently growing your business is taking consistent action - and Fridays are the perfect time to get intentional about setting ourselves up for continued momentum the following week.

What can you do today to make sure you aren’t having to start from scratch on Monday?

Looking for more tips and resources for consistently growing your business?  Join us in the Mighty Sales Facebook Community. 

I also invite you to check out the Double Down Club - for business owners who are motivated to create consistent cash flow and double their...

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