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Motivating Your Sales Team with Jennifer Cunnington

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2021


How do you engage and motivate your team to continually grow and succeed?

In this episode of Sales Fiction, My guest, Jennifer Cunnington, shares her insights and experiences around coaching a sales team to continuous success.  Jennifer is the Home Loan Sales Manager at STCU where she leads a team of mortgage lenders to serve their clients and referral partners with exceptional care. She’s a leader who walks the talks and empowers her team to solve problems for others. 

In this episode, Jennifer and I talk about:

  • The importance of being a problem solver. 

  • What to look for when hiring new team members.  

  • How to engage and motivate your team.  

Plus much, much more.

Every day is a...

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What Top Sales Leaders are Working On in 2021

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2021

We finally made it to 2021! I’ve been thinking a lot about how COVID, and remote working changed the landscape of sales including the growing need to feel comfortable in front of a camera, utilizing technologies to engage with prospects and finding fun ways to meet with prospects in ways that are safe, interactive, and engaging.  

While a lot has changed, the fundamentals have remained the same including what you as a sales leader need to focus on to help set your team up for success.  In this episode, we are sharing what the top sales leaders are working with their teams on right now to help set them up for success in 2021 and beyond.  

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Building confidence and competence on...
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Is Assumptive Selling Actually Costing You Business?

Uncategorized Jan 27, 2021

If you’ve been in sales for any length of time, you’ve probably been told to assume the sale to win the deal. But is it actually true?

This week I continue my conversation with Katelynn Togiai. She was chalked full of so much wisdom and insights that we couldn’t fit it all into one episode, including how assumptive selling could actually be costing you deals. 

Katelynn is the Corporate Director of Sales for Ignite Hotels. She manages sales for ten hotels across the northwest, works with multiple national brands and markets which requires her to stay flexible in order to find strategies that work for each individual 

In this episode, Katelynn and I talk about:

  • How you can bridge the gap between sales...
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Why Your Team Needs to Spend More Time Qualifying Customers in 2021

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2021

How much time do you, and your team, spend qualifying your customers?

My guest, Katelynn Togiai, breaks down this crucial sales step and how it can help your team win more deals. 

Katelynn is the Corporate Director of Sales for Ignite Hotels. She manages sales for ten hotels across the northwest, works with multiple national brands and markets which requires her to stay flexible in order to find strategies that work for each individual 

In this episode, Katelynn and I talk about:

  • Key lessons learned since COVID, including the importance of flexibility and open communication
  • How building relationships with customers helps you to serve them better 
  • Best practices for reaching out to potential customers.

Plus much, much...

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3 Habits You Need to Cultivate to Succeed in Sales

When it comes to sales, you are the most important asset you have. 

Let’s face it, sales is tough. You are going to get rejected. You’re going to be outside your comfort zone. You’re going to hit your goals, but then have to start from scratch. Month after month. Quarter after quarter. Year after year.

It’s a sisyphean task.  And in order to succeed for the long term - you need to cultivate habits that will help.

In this episode of Sales Fiction, I highlight the top 3 habits that will help to show up healthy, happy, and ready to sell and serve your customers every single day.

Pay special attention to:

<2:50>  Why you can’t rely on willpower to succeed

<8:30>  How to pick and...

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Sales Fiction Podcast Ep 13: Sell something you believe in!

If there is one thing that makes a huge difference in sales - it’s the ability to find out what people care about and give it to them. 

But it’s not as simple as just giving them what they want. It’s about showing up with an attitude of service, bringing solutions to bigger problems, and being willing to do what’s uncomfortable to help your customers. 

In this episode of Sales Fiction, guest Jon Patterson, owner of JPI Insurance Solutions, who leads a team of 20, shares his wisdom including how the power of passion can propel you forward and serve your customers.

Pay special attention to:

<5:50>   What sales is really about

<13:45> The most overlooked aspect of sales

<21:00> What...

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Why you should never be closing


This is by far one of the cringiest sales terms, for salespeople and customers.

But no matter how cringe-worthy it is, it remains a sales staple. I mean if you don’t close, you won’t win more customers. 

But what if it’s not true? What if closing is actually making it harder for you to win more customers. 

In this episode of Sales Fiction, I share why you should never close a sale and what you can do instead to win more customers. 

Pay special attention to:

<4:00> Why closing customers is bad for your business

<7:30> What you need to be doing in every single conversation

<9:40> One phrase that can help you increase conversions 

You can find it HERE


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How hustling is hurting your sales

 By now, I am sure you’ve heard, more than once, that in order to be successful in sales you need to hustle. 

I mean, when I google hustle + sales I get 20 million hits. That’s a lot of hits.

But what if hustling is actually hurting your sales and your team?

In this episode of Sales Fiction, guest Mindy Miley, a sales professional with 20 years of experience, shares her insights including, why hustling might be hurting your business and what to do instead. 

Pay special attention to:

<6:45> How shifting her thinking from sales to service changed her approach to sales

<11:00> The best sales advice she’s ever received

<12:40> A new approach to cold calling

<14:30> Why hustling might...

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Stop selling your customers what they want


Sell them what they want, give them what they need!

If you’ve been in sales for more than a year - you’ve probably heard this advice more than once.

On the surface, it sounds brilliant. Of course, if you make it easy for people to get what they want they will buy it. 

But what if selling people what they want is actually making it harder for you to succeed in sales? 

The truth is most of us spend a lot of time being unsure about what it is that we want and once we know what it is, solutions are readily abundant.

On top of that, what people really want is simple. Peace. Love. Belonging....

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Sales Fiction Podcast Ep 09: Post Sales Retention

Are you spending as much time and energy keeping your customers as you are winning them?

Imagine for a minute you’re a customer out looking for a product that can help you streamline your sales follow-up. You do a bunch of google research, reach out to multiple vendors, and participate in a few product demos. 

One solution really stands out. Not only because their product is amazing, but because they really seem to care about you. They ask about your kids, they send you a homeschooling survival packet in the mail and are readily available to answer questions throughout the sales process.

You make the decision, sign up for the solution, and then --- radio silence. All of that support and engagement seems to disappear, now that...

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