What to say to your dream clients
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What to say to your dream clients

clients messaging sales Oct 10, 2019

Last week on the blog, we talked about finding your ideal client. If you did your homework, you now have a solid list of around 20 people that you believe to be the perfect fit for you and what you offer. 

Now that you’ve done the work of hand-selecting who will go on your client roster, it’s time to hang out in your email inbox, and wait for them to drop you a note, right?

There’s just one problem...

Your ideal client is not thinking about you or your offering. 

In a long list of things they have to concern themselves with that day, you are sure to come in last place (if you register at all).

So how can you begin to draw attention to your offering and bring it to the front of your ideal client’s mind? 

Hint: it’s not through more marketing.

In this week’s video, I’m sharing my tips for creating meaningful and engaging conversations with your dream clients, so that you can begin to draw attention to the benefits of your offering – only as they relate to that specific customer.

It’s not enough to “know your stuff.” Even if you are the leading expert in your field, you will never be able to captivate your potential client or customer when the focus of the conversation is you.


Tune in to this week’s video to learn:

  • How to stop thinking like the expert and start thinking like your customer.
  • How to identify the core benefits of your product or service, as they relate to what your customer cares about.
  • How to open doors (and contracts) with a wow-worthy key message


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