Sales Fiction Podcast: How to teach your team new skills
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Sales Fiction Podcast Ep 04: How to teach your team new skills

5 years ago I decided to become a writer.  It started as a casual hobby. I’d go for a run down by the Columbia River and then I’d write a short story about that run. I’d write about how I struggled but kept going and then eventually found a rhythm. I’d share some insights about how that experience relates to life.

Shakespeare, it was not. 

I mean I was typing words into a document and creating sentences. But my writing didn’t really engage the reader or pack a punch. 

So I signed up for a writing workshop in Taos. I went to that workshop and then another. Then I hired a writing coach. I took some writing classes online from Creative Live and from various copywriters. 

But my writing didn’t really get better and I’ve yet to publish a New York Times bestseller. Mostly because I forgot the most important step. Consistently writing. 

And this is the step that most sales teams miss on their quest to become the best. 

Most teams fail to implement what they learn on a consistent basis. And that’s where the magic of learning happens. In the doing. 

Outside of implementing consistent action - many sales leaders also fail to recognize how exactly adults learn. And how to use the process of learning to create success. 

In fact learning happens in 4 phases -

Phase 1: Unconscious Incompetence: The you don’t know what you don't know phase of learning. This is when you know something’s not quite working but you’re not sure what it is or how to do it better.

Phase 2: Conscious Incompetence - When you recognize what’s not working and are aware of growth opportunities. 

Phase 3: Conscious Competence - This is where the team is making positive changes but it takes a lot of focused effort to do things differently and it’s really uncomfortable.

Phase 4: Unconscious Competence - In this phase of learning the new way of doing things is automatic and natural. I

Tune into episode 4 of the Mighty Sales Podcast to learn how these phases of learning can be applied to sales development and where most teams get stuck and how to ensure that doesn’t happen to your team. 


Here is a link to this Episode's Show Notes.


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