What decisions do you need to be making about selling?
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What decisions do you need to be making about selling?

People have so much on their minds, and it can feel a bit insensitive to be selling when there are “bigger things” going on in the world.

It’s up to you whether or not you decide to proactively engage in sales during this time, but if you’ve chosen not to sell, it may be worth asking yourself why you’ve come to this decision - and who that decision ultimately benefits. You don’t want your assumptions to be the reason you stopped serving.

If you do plan to continue selling, what will that look like? Will your offers and services remain the same? Do you need to revisit your payment structures or the way you follow up on the sales conversations you initiated before all this went down? 

Tune into today’s video to learn the decisions you need to be making around selling today, so that you can serve your clients and customers where they are at right now.


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