To Script or not to Script
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Sales Fiction Podcast Ep 07: To Script or not to Script

When I first started in medical sales - I was way out of my league. For one, I didn’t have any actual ‘sales’ experience - unless you count selling candy door to door for Campfire when I was 8.

The really intimidating part was that I didn’t have much of a science brain. I mean, I was a communications major at Washington State for pete’s sake. So the thought of talking about complex medical conditions and treatments with people who actually went to medical school was moderately terrifying. 

While 6 months of training might seem like a lot, compared to 4 years of medical school, plus residency and actual patient experience, it felt like I was going in a bit underprepared.

What saved me was rote memorization. Nothing fancy. No secret sales voodoo that made people instantly respect and listen to me. Straight memorization.  

During training, I was given very specific scripts of exactly how to talk about the medication I was selling and how to answer questions and objections. The script wasn’t a suggestion. I was required to memorize it word for word and was tested on that memorization in a video recorded role play. 

And I hated it. Even with my lack of sales and science experience, I felt like I might approach things differently than the script. I felt like I had better answers to some of the questions and I wanted the freedom to talk about the clinical trials from a different angle.

But it worked. 

So the real question isn’t to use scripts or not to use scripts, but how to use them in a way that’s impactful and increases authenticity and effectiveness? 

In this episode, I share the top things you need to implement when using scripts to set your team up for success, minimize push-back, and increase authenticity when you’re using them. 

Make sure to catch: 

<4:00> The dangers in using scripts and how to avoid them 

<5:37> Where I share why scripts are a secret weapon in sales conversations

<9:00> How to get your team on board with using scripts

You’ll also get insight into how to customize scripts so they work for your individual clients and team members and the tool I’m using to take customization to the next level. 

You can find it all HERE

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