Does your business need a sales plan?
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Does your business need a sales plan?

It’s safe to say that Marketing today is easier than ever before. 

The internet has forever changed the way consumers find and interact with businesses. With a click of a button, you can literally reach thousands, if not millions of people - and many of these marketing platforms are 100% free to use. 

So with all this high-tech, far-reaching, at-your-fingertips type of marketing, who needs sales, right?

If you’ve started a business in recent years, chances are you spend a lot of time, money, and effort on keeping up with online marketing strategies. From running Ad Campaigns and Facebook groups to creating endless content, and spending hours a day “engaging” on social media and wondering what the heck you should post.

But how is your R.O.I? What’s your cost-per lead? (And what are you even doing with those leads when you get them?) 

Are your marketing efforts really moving your business’s bottom line the way you hoped?

In order to make the most of your efforts, you are going to need a way to convert all of the leads that your marketing is generating into paying clients or customers. 

You are going to need a sales plan! 

Tune into today’s video to learn:

    • How to make the most of your current marketing strategies
    • How to make smarter decisions about where to spend your time and money
    • How to get started with a simple sales plan for your business

Need help setting up a sales plan that makes sense for your business? Head over to to grab your free copy of my Sales Planning Tool & Checklist.

For additional tips, tools, and resources to grow your business and master sales conversations, be sure to join us in the Mighty Sales Facebook Group. 



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