Relationship Building is Everything with Ali Cammelletti


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Relationship Building is Everything with Ali Cammelletti

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2021

In sales, you don’t treat people the way you want to be treated, you treat them the way they want to be treated.  

In this episode of Sales Fiction, my guest, Ali Cammelletti breaks down how you can take relationship building to the next level and in turn skyrocket your sales.   Ali has been an entrepreneur for 18 years extensive experience in relationship-building sales.  In her current business, Spark Your Mindset, she focuses on helping companies and individuals grow as leaders and sales professionals. 

If you’re not consistently building relationships, you’re leaving opportunity on the table and making things harder than they should be. 

In this episode, Ali and I talk about:

  • The importance of relationship building. 
  • The art of asking questions. 
  • How to create a team environment that allows for growth and coaching.
  • How to ensure your customers and prospects feel seen and heard. 

Plus much, much more.

Show Notes:

  • [01:50] Ali’s sales philosophy is that it is always relationship building.  Relationship building is the base and foundation of everything.  
  • [03:04] We are building relationships.  Sales will organically happen when you follow these steps.  
  • [03:21] Ali shares her journey and background in sales.  
  • [05:49] Ultimately everything we do is sales. 
  • [06:38] People will like you if you just ask questions and really act like you’re engaged.  
  • [07:40] If you can master the art of asking questions, your success in sales will skyrocket.  
  • [09:53] In addition to scripts, if you have go-to questions, it makes the sales process so much easier. 
  • [10:16] The number one thing people struggle with is personalizing and connecting.   
  • [11:31] In sales, you don’t treat people the way you want to be treated, you treat them the way they want to be treated.  
  • [13:37] Ali’s worst advice was how negative sales is.  It is more about a mindset that it is a number’s game, you’re helping, and you have to constantly do it.  
  • [15:25] One of the key things is to go back to people you have already worked with.  
  • [17:06] More often than not once they worked their warm contact list, they are busy and have hit their sales goals.  
  • [18:19] Make sure to ask someone how they heard about you.  
  • [18:54] The biggest mistake of sales leaders is creating too competitive of an environment.  
  • [19:08] Often sales leaders don’t focus on creating a team environment.  Make sure there is always a team incentive as well.  
  • [21:46] Having a humble and compassionate leader is crucial.  
  • [22:59] Trusting teams work together.  They are going to be quick to help one another out. 
  • [23:25] We can all coach and be coached to get better.  Sometimes it is small little adjustments that can make a huge difference.  Even the most experienced salespeople can benefit from coaching. 
  • [24:26] Coaching isn’t about being judged, criticized, or critiqued. It is a feedback mechanism.
  • [25:01] High-level producers still want to learn and grow.  

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