4 Ways to generate revenue when cash flow is tight
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4 Ways to generate revenue when cash flow is tight

Reaching the end of the money before you reach the end of the month?

We’ve all been there. At some point, you are bound to face months where your expenses overshoot your revenue - and as a business owner, it falls on you to figure out how to turn things around. 

The things that are going to set you up for success in the long-term are rarely accompanied by a sudden influx of cash, so you are going to need to figure out how to generate enough revenue to sustain you in the short-term.

Before you dive into this week’s video, I want to make one thing clear: The strategies I’m sharing today are meant to complement - not replace - your long term strategies. 

These are intended to bring about fast wins to get you and your business back on your feet when money gets tight. 

Ultimately, the dream is to have a business that generates consistent revenue (more on how to build that consistency and momentum into your business here and here), but in the meantime, I’m sharing a few non-slimy ways you can quickly increase your business's cash flow. 

Tune in to this week’s video to learn:

  • How to find and focus on the prospects most likely to commit right now
  • How to use your connections to quickly generate leads that fit your ideal client
  • How to recover lost leads and make the most of previously untapped opportunities
  • The one strategy you’ve been avoiding that could make or break your bottom-line this month.

After waching the video, pick one of the 4 strategies to commit to taking action on in the next 24 hours. Then, for a little accountability, I invite you to share which strategy you’ve chosen to implement with ourMighty Sales Facebook Group where each week, I’m sharing exclusive tips and tools for finding and winning the clients you love to work with, as well as the sales planning strategies you need to grow your business.

Ps. I talk a lot about conversations in this video, and one of the most powerful and effective ways to engage in authentic conversation with your potential clients or customers is to ask questions, so if you haven’t already, be sure to snag your free copy of my guide: 5 Questions To Multiply Your Sales. 


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