Sales Fiction Podcast: Post Sales Retention
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Sales Fiction Podcast Ep 09: Post Sales Retention

Are you spending as much time and energy keeping your customers as you are winning them?

Imagine for a minute you’re a customer out looking for a product that can help you streamline your sales follow-up. You do a bunch of google research, reach out to multiple vendors, and participate in a few product demos. 

One solution really stands out. Not only because their product is amazing, but because they really seem to care about you. They ask about your kids, they send you a homeschooling survival packet in the mail and are readily available to answer questions throughout the sales process.

You make the decision, sign up for the solution, and then --- radio silence. All of that support and engagement seems to disappear, now that you’ve purchased. You’re on your own.This might seem a bit extreme - but for a lot of businesses, this is exactly what happens. 

Although we inherently know that it takes more money to win a customer than to keep one, for most sales teams, once the sale is won, they stop engaging with the customer at the same level. Which makes sense, because they’re paid to win customers, not keep them.  And it’s exactly this type of thinking that’s hurting your bottom line. Not only in customer satisfaction but also in sales effectiveness. 

Sales teams that are great at post sales also tend to be better at every stage of the sales process. When your team has that mindset about thinking about the customer for the duration and how to keep them happy and engaged with your business, they will be more effective at selling.

In this week’s episode of Sale Fiction, I give you 4 ways to set your sales team up for success post sales. 

Pay special attention to: 

5:20: Why engaging in post-sales will help your sales team throughout the sales  process

9:49: How to create a post sales system to set your team up for success

11:00 One thing you need to do to create a wow experience for you customers

You can find it HERE!

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