6 things to consider when planning for success in 2020
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6 things to consider when planning for success in 2020

If you’ve been following along the past few weeks, the focus of our videos has been on how to create and use a sales plan to grow your business. 


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Still not sure a sales plan is right for you? Here are 6 things to consider before we dive in:


Do you have the bandwidth to serve more customers?

If you are overwhelmed, and struggling to serve even your current customers effectively, creating a plan to get more customers probably shouldn't be your key priority for 2020!

This doesn’t mean you don’t take action to grow your client base, but focusing on customer delivery and scalability (ie. hiring new team members to increase your bandwidth to serve) might be a better use of your precious time and resources at the moment.  

If you do have the bandwidth to serve more customers, then yes - your business could benefit greatly from a sales plan!


Are you waiting for your customers to find you?

Tired of waiting for the phone to ring? You need a sales plan!

Investing the time to create a plan will help you to be more proactive about getting your business in front of the people you want to work with. 


Are you seeing a good ROI for the time and money you currently spend on marketing?

If you are devoting precious hours and dollars to your social media, advertising, or other marketing strategy but seeing few results, it may be time to consider adding proactive sales.

Gaining followers, and seeing an increase in inquiries is one thing, but a sales plan would go a long way in rounding out your marketing efforts and help turn those leads into actual paying customers.


Does the thought of being more proactive in your business excite you?

There are many different business models and strategies to choose from, and few are truly passive in nature - but compared to marketing, sales is a much more proactive way to go about growing your business. 

If your aim is to be more proactive in 2020, then a sales plan is definitely for you.

Do you often say ‘yes’ to projects you are not excited about, simply because you need the money?

Stop resenting your clients or customers because they aren't the right fit and create yourself a sales plan! Getting proactive about sales and about going after the customers you want will reduce how often you'll to accept projects you are not excited about.


Is your revenue stagnant (or growing more slowly than you would like?)

It's time to create a sales plan to help you get past that plateau!

If you answered yes to 2 or more of the above questions, you are in the right place - and you are likely going to want to be a part of this conversation around planning to take place over the next few weeks. 


Tune into today's video to learn:

  • 3 mindset shifts to make when planning for success 
  • Sales plan myths (and what a sales plan isn't!)
  • 3 reasons the process of planning is actually more important than the plan itself


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