How to address objections from your prospects (Part 2)
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How to address objections from your prospects (Part 2)

Last week we began a conversation on addressing objections from your prospects. Before we jump into today’s discussion, I highly suggest you check out last week’s video where I explain the difference between questions and objections (and how to make sure you are addressing the right one in conversations with your prospects!) 

So, now that you’ve determined it’s an objection - and not a question - how do you address it? 

Notice I say address, and not overcome - I honestly don’t believe it is our place to overcome their objections. After all, objections play an important role in identifying those potential clients or customers who are not actually an ideal fit for you and what you offer.

There are many different reasons for your prospect’s objections. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a deep-dive of the nuances between each type of objection, but in today’s video, we are going to look at things from a big-picture perspective. 

Tune in to learn:

  • The two types of objections and what they mean for your business
  • How to problem-solve with your prospect while respecting their objections
  • How keeping your prospects best interest in mind will actually benefit your business
  • How to be discerning about who you spend time selling to

Ps. One of my favorite ways to build trust and communication into conversations with prospects is to ask questions. This is the perfect time to snag a copy of my free guide: 5 Questions To Multiply Your Sales 


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