Why you should never close a sale
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Why you should never be closing

closing sales Jul 17, 2019


This is by far the cringiest sales term.

Still, it’s the buzzword on every sales manager’s lips, and typically the main focus where sales training is concerned.

But what if I told you that the well-worn phrase “Always be closing,” is actually a myth, and that this constant closing mindset could actually be harming, rather than helping your business? What if I told you that the sale is actually won or lost long before the closing conversation ever takes place?

So, how do we go about winning that sale instead?

It’s all about the next small step. What is the next smallest possible step you could help your prospect to take, in order to move them strategically towards the ‘Yes’ that you are hoping for?

Even if it’s looking like a ‘No,’ or a ‘Not right now,’ what is one small step you can take – one small conversation you can have – to prime that prospect for a future sale? How can you prove helpful now in order to establish that relationship and the trust needed to win their ‘Yes’ when the time is right?

Ps. Want more referrals? Don’t skip the small steps on the way to the big sale.

Think about it – once you have a buyer sold, you are locked in, right? Does that mean the “sale” is over? Of course not!

It’s really just the beginning.

Don’t stop that conversation with the buyer! Preserve that energy by staying upbeat, and staying engaged. Don’t allow yourself to stay silent thinking, “Well, I’ve already closed on that sale…”

Rather than just “closing a sale” think of it as opening it. 

In this week’s video, I talk all about what these next small steps could look like, and how to break free of that heavily ingrained and all-too-narrow closing mindset.


So what’s YOUR next step? 

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Download the Why you should never close a sale worksheet.
  3. Use the worksheet to identify a specific prospect and get to work practicing your “next small step” sales approach on them THIS WEEK!


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