Motivating Your Sales Team with Jennifer Cunnington


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Motivating Your Sales Team with Jennifer Cunnington

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2021


How do you engage and motivate your team to continually grow and succeed?

In this episode of Sales Fiction, My guest, Jennifer Cunnington, shares her insights and experiences around coaching a sales team to continuous success.  Jennifer is the Home Loan Sales Manager at STCU where she leads a team of mortgage lenders to serve their clients and referral partners with exceptional care. She’s a leader who walks the talks and empowers her team to solve problems for others. 

In this episode, Jennifer and I talk about:

  • The importance of being a problem solver. 

  • What to look for when hiring new team members.  

  • How to engage and motivate your team.  

Plus much, much more.

Every day is a learning opportunity.  There is not one person that knows everything.  There is always room for improvement and learning. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:51] Jennifer shares how she got started in sales.   
  • [03:22] The worst piece of advice Jennifer received was to rely on other people to take care of the big things.  She didn’t want to leave it to somebody else.  
  • [04:38] She always wants to make sure that her clients have the best experience possible.  She is learning how to educate her staff and delegate more.  
  • [05:51] Your database is your best sales approach.    
  • [06:27] The nurturing aspect is often overlooked. Put yourself in their shoes.  
  • [06:38] Many people think it is about one transaction, but really it is about the overall process.  You may be able to get them to say yes, but do they really understand what they are saying yes to.  
  • [07:43] Jennifer contributes her successes to her wonderful mentors.   
  • [08:33] Don’t get so wrapped up in one tiny piece of the puzzle, but really look at how that piece of the puzzle fits into that larger picture so we can move forward.     
  • [08:54] In sales your job is to solve problems for people.  A key success factor is learning how to solve problems and getting support in mentorship to continue to develop that skill.  
  • [09:18] Every day is a learning opportunity.  There is not one person that knows everything.  There is always room for improvement and learning.  
  • [10:35] Know your why.  Why are you doing this job? What joy do you get out of it? 
  • [11:04] If you do great things, great things will come.
  • [12:13] When she is hiring team members, knowledge and aptitude are at the top of the list.  She also looks for engagement, problem-solving, and commitment to what you are doing.  
  • [14:36] She keeps her team engaged and motivated with sales training.  She always thinks it is important that her team gains different perspectives and different ways of doing things.  A good sales trainer is imperative.  
  • [15:31] She also connects with her staff and helps them with their challenges and provides additional resources.  
  • [16:00] We have limitless potential and sometimes that can scare people.  Helping people compartmentalize their goals into achievable chunks is super important.  
  • [17:49] Learn how to assimilate.  Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and that will help you understand what you need to know, how you can build confidence in your craft, and how you can deliver the message better. 
  • [19:14] Know your audience.  The first time you talk to somebody, let them talk. 

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