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Get more clients in just 30 min a day

clients profit sales Sep 26, 2019

When it comes to your current sales strategy, which of the following do you think sounds most like you?

A) I am constantly in hustle-mode. I feel like my business is taking over my life, and I have little to show for it.

B) I don’t have endless hours to devote to sales or making fruitless cold calls, thank you very much.

C) Who needs sales? My business runs on referrals. 

If you answered ‘A’, you are dangerously close to burning out.

If you answered ‘B’, you are certainly not alone! The fear of spending hours every day keeps many business owners from proactively engaging in this aspect of their business. 

If you answered ‘C’, congratulations! 

Referrals are something to celebrate as they show that your clients are happy and trust you enough to recommend you to others. But here’s the bad news - unless your consistently hitting your profit and revenue goals and your books are filled with only ideal clients, there are other things you can be doing to proactively grow your business. 

Tune into this week’s video to learn:

  • How to identify which activities are high value in your business
  • How to be proactive about sales and win more clients in less than 30 minutes a day
  • How to create a simple and effective sales strategy that works for YOU

Ready to start hand-picking your clients? Head over here to get a free copy of my Sales Planning Tools and Checklist so you can create a plan to connect with only your most ideal clients.

Ps. Are you a member of the Mighty Sales Facebook Group? If not, this is your invitation to join and get access to additional tips, tools, and free resources to help you master sales conversations and begin to grow your business! 



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