How to create forward momentum in your business
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How to create forward momentum in your business

Do you ever feel like you are moving backward in business? 

 Or that even if you do manage to get ahead, progress is quickly stalled out by the distractions of life and the demands of your schedule?

You work hard in your business, so it can be frustrating to feel like you are starting from square one with each new client or project you take on. 

So what’s missing? Momentum!

Think of it like exercising...

Fitness and movement is something I hold quite dear to my heart, but lately, I feel as though I’ve lost a lot of that momentum around my own physical health.

It used to be that working out didn’t require a lot of effort or willpower on my part. It was just something that I did automatically - a non-negotiable for my well-being.

But lately, trying to get myself to go to the gym feels painful, and (if I’m being honest) the laundry list of excuses as to why I can’t work out only grows by the day. 

I’ve lost the foundation I had set for myself, and so I find myself back at square one.

Starting is always harder than maintaining, and as business owners, we are constantly having to start over. Things will be going really well, but right about the time you begin to feel like you’re gaining traction, the project ends, or your calendar fills up and you are forced to switch gears.

If you are tired of being in constant stop-and-start mode, and are ready to starting building some serious momentum in your business, then this week’s video is for you!


Tune in to learn:

  • How to use your annual and quarterly goals to shape your habits
  • How to become your own best accountability partner
  • How to lay the foundations for consistency in your business (regardless of what’s going on in your schedule)


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