Is Assumptive Selling Actually Costing You Business?


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Is Assumptive Selling Actually Costing You Business?

Uncategorized Jan 27, 2021

If you’ve been in sales for any length of time, you’ve probably been told to assume the sale to win the deal. But is it actually true?

This week I continue my conversation with Katelynn Togiai. She was chalked full of so much wisdom and insights that we couldn’t fit it all into one episode, including how assumptive selling could actually be costing you deals. 

Katelynn is the Corporate Director of Sales for Ignite Hotels. She manages sales for ten hotels across the northwest, works with multiple national brands and markets which requires her to stay flexible in order to find strategies that work for each individual 

In this episode, Katelynn and I talk about:

  • How you can bridge the gap between sales leadership and sales teams.
  • How being assumptive can actually be a disadvantage. 
  • Importance of connecting with others and creating a network. 

Plus much, much more, including how to make your prospects feel valued and important, while feeling like you care about earning their business. 

Show Notes:

  • [02:31] Sales leaders making calls in front of their team is the best training they can do.  
  • [03:09] Healthy competition, inspiration, and sales leader modeling can help encourage the rest of the team.  
  • [03:49] It is important for sales leaders to get out there with their team at least once a month or quarter.  It helps the team succeed.  
  • [04:10] The worst piece of sales advice Kaitlyn received was going for the hard sale.  It is more offensive to people than a convenience.  
  • [05:58] People will be flexible if you show them respect and that you really want their business.  Assuming you have their business is going to make some people turn away.  
  • [06:07] People want to make choices, feel valued and important, and feel like you are earning their business. 
  • [07:12] You never want to put down your competitors. There are ways to sell your business without putting down other businesses.  
  • [09:58] You don’t have to tell potential customers the pros and cons of competitors.  They already know them.  What matters most is how you sell your pros to them.  
  • [10:58] Networking is really important in sales.  
  • [11:49] Make sure you are networking in your community and giving other businesses leads and referrals.  Give business when you can and connect people.  It will provide more opportunities down the road.  
  • [13:45] At every networking event the goal should be to meet at least two new people.  It is not as strategic of a time if you go hang out with people you have a relationship with.   
  • [15:46] Reaching out is so important.  When in doubt look for someone that seems to be alone and introduce yourself.  
  • [16:33] It is so important to know your clients, your community, and your market.  
  • [16:38] Be the expert where you live.  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or input.  
  • [17:22] People stay at companies and leave companies because of their bosses especially in sales.  As a leader, you have to set up your culture so people want to stay.  
  • [18:38] When people leave on good terms they can be a cross referral resource.  

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