3 ways to increase referrals for your business in 2020
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3 ways to increase referrals for your business in 2020

Is your referral-based business fully and consistently booked out? 

If you answered No, how do you plan to change that in 2020?

When I talk with people about sales strategies and how they plan to grow their business,  I’m often met with: “Oh, my business is 100% referral-based.” 

Referrals are a wonderful way to increase revenue and grow your client base. They help you connect with people that you truly would be a good fit to serve, and it often means you are working with other like-minded business people to mutually generate referrals. 

There is just one problem...sometimes, when people say they have a referral-based business, it’s actually an excuse to stay in their comfort zone (AKA avoid outbound sales strategies). 

Ready for some tough love? If you are not consistently hitting your revenue goals with referrals alone, you are not a 100% referral-based business. Referrals are an important part of business, but if this is you, you need to be looking at other ways to grow your business.

So, check in with yourself - do you need to be thinking beyond referrals to meet your revenue goals for 2020? If so, tune into this week’s video to learn:

  • How to be intentional about generating the referrals you want in your business
  • How to get quality referrals that are actually a good fit or your business
  • How to make it easy for your past clients/customers to consistently send referrals your way

Do you plan to use referrals to grow your business and hit your revenue goals in 2020? Head over to theMighty Sales Facebook Group to share your answer and to get access to more weekly free resources for growing your business and multiplying your sales!


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