Do you often find yourself thinking “please say yes!!!”


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Do you often find yourself thinking “please say yes!!!”

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2019

If you feel yourself getting squeamish at just the thought of asking, you’re not alone. Many business owners I interact with are intimidated about asking for things that will help them grow -- whether it’s for a sale, a testimonial or a collaboration.

There are a lot of reasons for this, including fear of rejection, the fact that it’s scary to put yourself out there and simply that it takes ocean-sized vulnerability.

When you’re asking for something you want the stakes often feel Burj Khalifa high. You have a vested interest in getting a yes, you're invested, you're putting yourself out there (are you starting to sweat).

But if you want to grow your business - you have to get good at asking for things.

In this week's video, we take a look at how to overcome all the internal drama, mussy up the courage to ask and most importantly - ask in a way that increases your chances of getting that coveted yes.

Watch to  learn how you can use 5 simple steps to increase your chances of getting a yes, including:

  • How to start with kindness
  • The power of why
  • How to use empathy to create a connection
  • Why simplifying the ask is critical
  • How to be generous regardless of the answer

After watching, download the FREE guide to help you master asking so you can keep growing your business and your sales.

Then, head on over to the Facebook Group and share what you're asking for.


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