3 Habits You Need to Cultivate to Succeed in Sales


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3 Habits You Need to Cultivate to Succeed in Sales

When it comes to sales, you are the most important asset you have. 

Let’s face it, sales is tough. You are going to get rejected. You’re going to be outside your comfort zone. You’re going to hit your goals, but then have to start from scratch. Month after month. Quarter after quarter. Year after year.

It’s a sisyphean task.  And in order to succeed for the long term - you need to cultivate habits that will help.

In this episode of Sales Fiction, I highlight the top 3 habits that will help to show up healthy, happy, and ready to sell and serve your customers every single day.

Pay special attention to:

<2:50>  Why you can’t rely on willpower to succeed

<8:30>  How to pick and choose which habits that will serve you best

<15:20> The 4-step process that will help you use habits to your advantage

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