Cold calling myths and how to overcome them
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How to make cold calling easier and more productive!

profit sales success Aug 22, 2019

Cold calls. No thanks, #amiright?

Chances are you can think of about 1,000,001 things you’d rather be doing. 

And I don’t blame you! Like many other sales “tactics,” cold calling tends to get a pretty bad rap.

Much of what I do at Mighty Sales is to lay bare the common fears, struggles and misconceptions surrounding sales – this week’s video and blog post are no exception! Once again, I’m here to set the record straight and to hopefully help you and your team see things from a slightly different perspective!

So let’s get to work identifying the myths we are busting in this weeks video:


Repeat after me: I am not a telemarketer. I am not a telemarketer. I am not a telemarketer…

It can be hard to remember this when making cold calls, especially when the response you’ve come to expect sounds like any of the following:

  • Not interested. 
  • Take me off your calling list. 
  • How did you get this number!?
  • *Click* 

Even if they don’t reject you outright, hearing “Can I take a message?” or the classic skate-around, “Send me some info and I’ll get back to you,” doesn’t exactly inspire hope, or do anything for your motivation.

(And if you caught last week’s video/blog post – you’ll understand just how important motivation is!)



The customer is always right...right? Not exactly. 

While your prospect may indeed want a solution to their biggest pain points, there is something they want even more in this moment…

And that is for you to leave them the heck alone. (Their words, not mine.)

There’s a reason it’s called cold calling (and it’s not just because of the cold response you risk being met with). 

Picture yourself in their shoes:

They’ve never even met you, yet suddenly you are calling them on their home phone during dinner-time. (Pro tip: don’t do that). 

There has been no warm introduction, no handshake, no eye contact, and no opportunity for them to know, like, or trust you.

So how (on the phone, of all places) do you get to where a prospect is willing to hear what you – a total stranger – has to say? 

**Spoiler Alert**: It’s all about forward progress (and a little something I like to call “micro-information”)

More on that in this weeks video along with:

  • Why prospects don’t actually want what they think what they want.
  • How to make sure you’re calling the right people.
  • How to break through the initial resistance and make cold calling worthwhile.
  • The importance of taking notes, and how to use the progress you make to prepare for the next time you call. (I did mention you’d be calling again, right?)
  • The difference between forward progress and a straight-up proposal.
  • How to take calls from cold to inviting, and build the momentum you need to make it your new favorite part of the week!

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