Can it be that simple?


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Can it be that simple?

mindset self-care Jul 03, 2019

For years I've been dealing with some behavioral issues with my dog. He's like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. But mostly -  Dr. Jeckyll. There was the one time he bit my neighbor -- in the balls. (I wish this was a joke). The times he bit me. But mostly he'd just growl if you petted him when he didn't want to be petted.

I knew he had a good heart. And I was committed to working with him. I hired a trainer for a year. Watched a lot of the dog whisperer and tried various tactics.

But still - he was a jerk. I'd have to put him upstairs when my friends came over with their kids and just be really careful about watching his moods when I wanted to pet him or cuddle.

I decided to try anti-anxiety medications and took him to the vet. They ran some blood work and discovered his liver enzymes were off the charts. The vet actually said they were the highest she'd ever seen in a dog. She put him on a special liver food and liver supplements and recommended bringing him back for more testing in 30 days to see if was better and then possibly get him some medication.

BUT - and here's where I feel like an asshole - once he started the new food, his demeanor completely shifted. He relaxed. He was calm. HE WANTED TO BE PETTED.

He has become Dr. Hyde nearly all of the time.

Which was a huge, huge lightbulb moment for me.  I share 2 major insights I learned from this experience in this week's coffee talk and I also feel like a major jerk now for calling Harley a jerk for all these years when his food was causing him problems. But I guess that's the thing about parenting - even if it's just to dogs. You don't know, what you don't know and you can just do the best you can.

Watch this weeks video to learn more about what I learned and what changes I'm making in my life as a result of these lessons.


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