Sales Fiction Podcast Ep 05: How to avoid micromanaging
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Sales Fiction Podcast Ep 06: How to avoid micromanaging

Everyone hates working for a micromanager - but how do you know if you are one?

Take Julie for example - she’s been in sales for 10 years and loved her job, that is until she got a new boss.  All of a sudden, she was getting calls multiple times a day, being asked about every account, every detail of her expense report, and how many calls she was making throughout the week.

After just a few weeks, Julie started to feel like her new boss didn’t trust her and over time she started making sure she was keeping her boss happy instead of focusing on her customers and the bigger picture results. 

Not only did she start to hate her job, but her sales numbers went down well.

You don’t want to be that boss. 

While micromanaging may get you short-term results, over time it negatively impacts your team, your organization, and yourself.

In fact, studies show a lack of autonomy at work elevates stress hormones and can have other negative health effects, potentially even hastening mortality.

So how do you strike the right balance of helping your team grow while also giving them the autonomy to succeed?

In this episode, I share the top 3 mistakes sales leaders make that veer into micromanaging and give you the tools to avoid those traps so you're team stays engaged, motivated, and happy.

Play special attention to:

<4:22> The core difference between leading and managing

<7:03> The #1 reason leaders start to micromanage

<12:50> How to get more buy-in on the key activities that will drive results 

That’s just the beginning. You’ll find all three things you need to know to avoid the trap of micromanaging and keep your team growing and happy. 

You can find it HERE!

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