4 Powerful Questions You Should Be Asking


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4 Powerful Questions You Should Be Asking

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2021

How can you use the power of questions to both coach your team to better results and help your team win more sales?  

Let me ask you something - how many questions did you ask today? 

How many questions did you ask in your last coaching session or sales conversation you had? How many questions did you ask versus statements you made?  If you are not asking more questions than you are sharing insights and telling people benefits, you are missing a huge opportunity.

When we ask someone a question, the brain by default wants to close the loop and answer it.    

Questions are the most powerful tool that you can use to influence others. Join me for this episode, where I share the four types of questions you need to master to succeed in sales and as a leader.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • How can you use questions more effectively to lead your sales team and lead your prospects to a purchase?
  • Why questions are so powerful.
  • Different types of questions and how you can use questions in a  powerful way to drive results from your team and prospects.

Plus much, much more, including the one question you should ask yourself when leaving a sales meeting or meeting with a team member.

Show Notes:

  • [01:42] Questions are the most powerful tool that you can use to influence others.  
  • [01:55] Questions are a critical tool to both lead others and engage prospects.  
  • [03:18] Questions are a tool that is designed to enhance connection and build trust.  Questions can be the difference between full cooperation and forced cooperation.  
  • [04:01] Asking questions gets people thinking differently.  It gets them engaged and gets buy-in.  It allows team members to arrive at their own conclusions and share their own insights versus being told what they should do.  It helps your team members and customers be the heroes of the story.  
  • [04:37] When you own the question, you also own the problem that people are trying to solve. The type of question you ask actually shapes the foundation of the conversation you are going to have.  
  • [05:20] Your customers should be talking 80% of the time.  If you are coaching a team member, they should be doing 80% of the talking and you should spend the majority of your time listening. 
  • [06:34] One of the things you can use questions to do is to get engagement and buy-in.  When you are asking great questions people are selling themselves on the solution.  You are making it easy for them to arrive at those solutions.  
  • [06:46] The first type of question you should always be thinking about is permission-based questions. 
  • [07:27] You are trying to get permission to engage in a conversation. 
  • [08:25] The next thing we want to be asking about is problem-based solutions. If you frame the problem correctly it is going to have a huge difference in the types of solutions.   
  • [10:06] The goal of any good problem-based question is to get them thinking about a problem that they might not have identified yet that you are perfectly positioned to help them solve.  
  • [10:47] The key is that it is not you telling them the solution.  It is you asking them questions that help them identify it as a problem.  
  • [11:23] The third type of question that you really need to master is future-based questions.  Future-based questions help your team members and clients see themselves utilizing your solution or a new strategy with better results. 
  • [12:12] The goal of future-based questions is to connect the future desired state to your solution and to be able to visualize this. 
  • [13:08] The fourth question that you really need to master is process-based questions.  You want to ask them the right questions to help them start thinking about the right implementation of the solution. 
  • [14:26] By asking questions strategically throughout the sales conversation you are going to create full cooperation and get people to lead themselves to the solutions that are going to get them to win and you are going to win in the process. 
  • [17:23] By asking these types of questions you help your prospects solve their biggest problems. 
  • [18:10] The more questions you ask, the more you are going to succeed in sales and as a leader.  

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