3 Things Sales Training Must Include


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3 Things Sales Training Must Include

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2021

When you want to set your team up for success and help them achieve their goals and quotas, sales training can seem like a really good investment.  The truth is most sales training is completely useless.  How many times have you or one of the members of your team attended a sales seminar, left feeling excited and motivated but then you get back to the office and nothing really changes?

Sales training simply isn’t effective most of the time. 

So what can you do to move the needle and help your sales team succeed?  Join me in this episode as I share the three things sales training must include in order to drive results for your company and your team. 

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Sales training that is consistent and continuous.  
  • Sales training that is relevant and customized.  
  • Sales training that provides consistent feedback and coaching to your team members.

Plus much, much more, including the biggest challenge salespeople have when it comes to adapting to new training, techniques, and learning. 

How do you actually help your team grow and give them tools, training, and practice that is going to stick?

Show Notes:

  • [01:36] I love learning and learning is one of my core values.  
  • [02:06] Often we come back from sales training excited and motivated, but then nothing changes.  We stay stagnant, nothing changes, and we continue on with our typical routines.  
  • [02:56] Most sales training is truly ineffective and a complete waste of time and money.    
  • [03:07] Habits are hard to break.  Breaking habits requiring being out of your comfort zone.  We bump up against our habits and comfort zone.  
  • [03:46] When you are learning something new, you’re going to go into a phase of conscious incompetence.  You are going to do something different and you are not as good at it.  It doesn’t come as naturally as the old way.  
  • [04:34] We’re bumping up against habits. We are bumping up against the challenge of learning new things and having to actually go through being uncomfortable not being good at something new and we are bumping up against relevance.  
  • [05:14] Because sales training doesn’t often navigate the unknown very well and teach people the skills around that, it often feels like it is not relevant to day-to-day life.  
  • [05:26] If you are going to invest money in growing your team, you want it to stay and you want to set your team up for success.     
  • [05:42] The biggest opportunities to develop your team comes from practice not from training. Learning happens during practice and not training. 
  • [06:16] Role-playing is the first step, but not the most effective step.  
  • [06:32] Christy highly suggests real-life practice sessions with real clients.  
  • [07:12] Sales training often doesn’t feel relevant because it doesn’t take into account the personal factor of what your salespeople are challenged with on a day-to-day basis.  If you’re not giving them tools or support to navigate the real world, you are going to be missing the boat.  
  • [07:32] How do you actually help your team grow and give them tools, training, and practice that is going to stick? 
  • [07:57] Whatever you decide to do it needs to be consistent and continuous.  Training and practice are not one-time events.  It has to happen on a consistent and regular basis.  
  • [08:38] Your training needs to be relevant and customized.  It is not enough to give your team a script or framework and say go apply this. 
  • [09:33] You need to ensure that you are giving feedback and coaching. 
  • [10:01] If you are not giving real constructive and relevant feedback that can be adapted by your team members on a consistent and continuous basis, you will not see the impact from the training and effort you are putting into the learning.  
  • [10:37] If you want your sales training to have an impact in 2021, you absolutely must ensure that your training is consistent and continuous, relevant and customized, and provides consistent feedback and coaching to your team members. 

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